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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Of things electrical.

I'm not sure if it was just that Mr Perkins doesn't like it when our attention is focussed elsewhere, or if there is truly something he wants to tell us. Whatever the reason despite running somewhat akin to a very noisy, smelly Swiss watch he managed to take the edge off our pleasure today by feigning overheating for much of the time.

The day itself was an archetypal example of spring, and the journey down the mountain through the forest from Lutzelbourg is a true pleasure. After a morning in the forest with the roof off, as the waterway enters Saverne past the cafes, we bisect the main street, and follow the fence line of the Chateau to our mooring in the little port. It is just one of 'those' experiences which reminds one of how terrific it is to be alive, let alone doing this "for a living".

So why oh why, with just a week to go until we tear out our well and truly fudged electrical system, did it pick today to send readings to the temperature gauge that seem to bear no resemblance at all to what is actually going on. Every component that we could see or feel appeared to be running normally at worst, every vital sign visually perfect, yet the temperature gauge kept telling us it was quite certain that the boat was overheating to the point of imminent meltdown and that we really should be doing something about it.

Something is exactly what we will do. Just as soon as we are back. The temperature gauge will have time to regret this day as it lies in the bottom of the skip among a tangle of familiar red a black wires.

But for now we must endure another night of sitting in silence, watching reflections of the Chateau and contemplating our expedition tomorrow.

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