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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

We really are back!

We dined last evening on baguette and cheese and rabbit terrine and drank the juice of freshly crushed apples with strawberries the size of for want of a better description, big strawberries, for dessert and then collapsed at seven, unable to stay awake a moment longer, grateful that we had elected not to dine in the motel restaurant.

We woke of course, not entirely refreshed, a little after one, and wondered why they just couldn't move France closer to home. By five we had nodded off again until a much more sensible hour had arrived, waking to our first day in a "proper" spring.

When it all boils down spring seems to be just lots of lovely green shoots and every tree covered in flowers and petals falling from the sky, paving the roads in pink, and we think we like it. When the time came to move once more, we headed west instead of east and drove in a big loop to Lagarde, breathing in the countryside as we did, trying at once to linger in the scene for as long as possible while anxious to arrive. We could have driven through it all day, but we had things to do, people to see.

Again that feeling of not having left enveloped us, and we had coffee with Jacques and Maggie, and tea with Chris and Helen, and coffee with Bill and they told us of winter and wondered how it was that it seemed like yesterday that we had left, and we told them how much we had to do to unpack and clean the boat and how we must get going, but we didn't.

We had planned to do quite a lot yesterday actually.

Now we plan to do it today, or perhaps tomorrow, or maybe next week.

It's good to be back!



Julie said...

Ahha ... groundhog-day ...

Carola said...

Great how you describe the feeling of coming back with the feeling that NOTHING has changed.
Do you have a motor or a sail boat? Where do you plan to go?
Welcome to Europe in spring. Have a good time.

bitingmidge said...

Hi Carola, thanks, and Julie you are so right about that!

We have a motor boat Carola, currently in Alsace, we think this year we will travel the Sarre and the Moselle to Metz at least. We had planned to travel to Paris, but that may have to wait for another time. We shall see.

Annie said...

welcome to the northern hemisphere!

Ann said...

Ahhhh, spring in Europe. Maybe I'll see it again one day.

diane b said...

You certainly sound drunk on the adventure and the sight of Spring. I agree France and especially Switzerland should be closer.

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