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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Day in Lutzelbourg

We'd been sitting around long enough we thought, but when we divided the number of bicycles aboard by the number of people we came up with a number that had two people without wheels, so after a brief conference, several of us retired to the patisserie while the other remained aboard boiling the billy for coffee.

The blokes among us thought it might be an opportune time (after smoko) to attend to a few minor mechanical matters but after a bit of deep and meaningful discussion, it was mutually agreed that while it was indeed the opportune time that we would probably get dirty, and hot and there was nothing that really needed any immediate attention and perhaps it would be more productive if we were to take a wander back up along the old abandoned tow path.

Those who were not blokes, were in accord with this course of action, and so it was with packs chocked full of saussison, pickle, baguette and cheese, we did just that.

One would imagine that logic and common sense would have prevailed, that our spider senses would have commenced their tingling long before the seven kilometres to our destination had been reached, but alas they did not, and so it was that we, by my rather crude calculations, after a delightful lunch in a forest gladey bit by an abandoned lock, faced a journey of exactly the same distance home.

Last time we were here I recalled, the journey homeward was rapid and easy, it was all downhill after all. Last time we weren't even puffed when we pulled into the crystal artisans gallery, and even felt efreshed as we wandered among the wares, but last time we were on the bikes.

But the return was not too taxing and we are back refreshed, and ready to once more take on the Haut Barr in a day or two.



cara said...

Forest gladey bit? I see you are surrendering to the ending-in-y descripty bits.

Annie said...

Looks like a Monet.

bitingmidge said...

Annie, our Antipodean eyes are constantly drawing similar conclusions. I suspect we would have been quite disappointed had Monet given a different impression.

Oh, and Cara, don't fear, I think I am over that period of my life for a further time! ;-)

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