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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Good Lie Down

The strains of travel start to show by the third day on the move.

We have covered more than forty kilometres since our journey began after all, and we are becoming weary.

Actually I think it's the late nights and the food and the constant conversation and the warm afternoon sun, but what ever it is, we were weary enough for almost all of us to do something about it this afternoon. We may stay in Lutzelbourg a day or two we think, we mustn't rush these things. One of our favourite Patisseries is just an amble up the road so it wouldn't do to leave without having at least two morning teas, or three if we can squeeze them in, and there's the walk up to the chateau to fit in sometime after coffee.

It feels like a Sunday afternoon.

Come to think of it, every afternoon feels like a Sunday afternoon.

We are indeed cruising again.

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