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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

Easter Monday turned out to be rather like a Sunday as well really, except without the usual trail of cyclists and walkers and families being families or any activity at all really it was much, much quieter than even the quietest day in the week.

We enjoy Sunday, watching the rhythm of day increase ever so slowly in tempo outside as the day wears on. It begins calmly enough, perhaps hushed even, and builds slowly to a clink of glasses and the muffled rumble of seventy million people enjoying a quiet and terribly long lunch, then sometime during the mid to late afternoon, there is a dawn of activity. From out of nowhere they come to enjoy the outdoors in their groups, to walk off their lunches and perhaps their entire week and we watch as they walk and jog and ride and skate by in their groups.

Today was not like that at all.

We did watch the sun rise over Michael and Karen's boat before sensibly returning to the warmth of our doona until a much more reasonable hour. We did pay Ruby and Jean-Luc a visit to ensure we had adequate staples for the afternoon, and we did retire to the warmth of our saloon to watch the nothingness go by for a bit as the wind increased and the weather tended toward but never quite became inclement.

The Easter hirers of boats have disappeared along with their boats, to where we are not sure, but we expect that they will be sitting in the pound below the Plan Incline, (which is currently still inconveniently devoid of incline), waiting for the reparations to be complete, so they can return their boats post-haste and perhaps arrive at their workplaces a few days later than they would prefer.

We thought we might cycle up to see, but in the end, common sense prevailed over curiosity, and we stayed put, alternately discussing the world over drinks with our new German friends and enjoying the silence.

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