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Thursday, May 09, 2013


Whoever it was that wrote "age shall not weary them" should perhaps have added the post script - "But staying up late playing cards with a pair of Kiwis night after night may well leave them a little tired."

It's a public holiday again today, this time to celebrate Ascencion Day and we thought for a time we may well complete the housekeeping and get underway tomorrow, but that was before we failed to wake up bright and early and decided we needed to relax for perhaps just one more day.

Somehow we knew at the time we thought about leaving this week, that it was a thought wasted.  We have been waiting for a few days for Bill to finish a few rush jobs for others and get back to complete some definitely not rush jobs on dear old Mr Perkins and he has thus far failed to appear for long enough to do them.  Thankfully he has the knack of appearing "just in time" so we are certain that all will be well at exactly the time we make up our minds to depart.

Besides we have an invitation to explore a particular cafe in a village nearby at about lunchtime on Saturday, and it would be remiss of us to waste such an opportunity, so perhaps we shall leave come Sunday, and just do a little tidying up in the mean time.

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