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Monday, May 13, 2013

They're Back!
Bauzecourt - Lagarde - Crévic

I am not normally given to premonition, but I did voice on a few occasions over the past few days a nagging doubt about the readiness of Mr Perkins to transport us to far and away places.   

Unhappily perhaps my discomfort at his unpreparedness bore fruit this morning when I could not help but notice an alarming amount of water below the engine in a place where water should not be, and a much smaller but equally alarming amount of diesel fuel spreading itself all over Mr Perkins posterior. 

Happily perhaps once again the symptoms of his ills were plain to see and were able to be rectified without major catastrophe, although this did involve retracing our steps of yesterday, borrowing tools, coolant, Bill, and having to farewell everyone once again.

This time we were away almost two hours earlier so this evening we find ourselves amid the Colza fields a very satisfying fifteen kilometres from home, having spent nine hours today getting here.

I wonder how long it would take us to get to the moon. 


Julie said...

The only canal I have traveled is the Canal du Midi past Carcassonne in the Lagarde region. I found it to be disappointing. When I see where you two are traveling, I can understand why.

bitingmidge said...

HI Julie, yes this is a different Lagarde - a small village in Moselle quite near the Alsace border. We will avoid travelling south for as long as we can - hot and full of tourists, just like home!

Julie said...

As soon as I hear a recognisable accent, I know I should leave that particular part of France.

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