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Monday, May 06, 2013

On the sunny side of the street.

It has been two days since our last supermarket episode, so an almost unanimous decision was made that since the day was fine and sunny (and our last one with the rental car) we should once again visit the shops.   There were after all, supermarkets in Sarrebourg that we hadn't graced with our presence in almost a year, and if we do get underway tomorrow we could be two days before we get to the next shopping opportunity, and besides there were a couple of carless people in the port who could benefit from a lift.

While walking around today, we noticed that it hasn't taken long for us to acclimatise ourselves to life in the northern hemisphere.

Barely three weeks ago in Hyde Park in temperatures almost not in double digits, our old habits kept us looking for patches of shade, hiding from the sun's rays no matter how feeble, lest we should surely fry.   

Now, we must confess, it is the other more brightly lit side of the street that we find ourselves loitering on, soaking up whatever warmth we can find, and this in temperatures approaching twenty.

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