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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The forecast was WRONG!
Void de Girancourt to Bains-les-Bains

We could sense something wrong the moment the first of our eyes half opened to greet the new day.   

There was a disconcerting amount of light entering the cabin even though the curtains were still drawn.

When we looked out, the sky was disconcertingly blue, the water disconcertingly still.   All of this was disconcerting, because we had seen the forecast, and moved beyond Epinal in the face of another week of bleak.   Today was supposed to be five degrees and miserable.  

What we had unmistakeably beaming from the strangely clear sky, was a thing called (in other parts of the world) sunshine. 

As soon as we ventured outside though, we discovered that sunny and happy and beautiful and clear does not necessarily mean that all of the forecast is wrong.  

We assumed the colour brought with it a promise of warmth, but if that is the case then it will arrive at some future date. Never the less, like the rest of the population of France, we meandered off into the day gently, but with a spring in our hearts and smiles on our faces, enjoying every moment while it lasted.


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