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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The weather returns!
Bains-les-Bains to Corre

We were congratulating ourselves on a having wrung every last drop out of a wonderful day last evening when we heard the sound of a high speed express train nearby.  This was surprising because the closest express train line was not at all within earshot, and then we saw the weather front roaring down the forest where we had been walking barely in the evening calm just minutes earlier.

There is nothing like experiencing the violence of a lashing gale arriving at the end of a glorious day to bring one back to earth, and to not make too may plans for further exploration of one's surrounds in the morning. Bains-les-Bains and the village of Manufacture will once again have to wait for some future time.

There seemed little point given the weather in not continuing on our journey: to peel yet another day from the calendar to put us a further day ahead of our pan.

We had promised that we'd spend more time in Fonteny le Chateau this time too, but how were we to know we'd arrive in the rain on a Sunday.   Thankfully the bakery is one of those who remains open on that day, and we managed to replenish our completely exhausted supplies of hot baguettes, mirabelle tarts and mille feulle which I suspect due to their complete unpronouncability, are known ever so romantically as "Vanilla Slices" in our seaside bakery, although the one's there have a shocking pink icing, presumably to emphasise their exotic origins.

But we trundled on to Corre where we stayed warm and snug in the marina as the wind whipped up and the rain lashed down and our dear little washing machine chugged away tidying up all our underwear and the electric heater did its heating and life remained happy perhaps on the memory of yesterday!


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