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Saturday, May 04, 2013

To the shops!

Since we didn't get any actual work done around the boat yesterday, as soon as we woke we set about searching for distractions to ensure that we would get nothing done today as well.  Staying in bed for quite some time was a great start and we didn't really have to look too far to find other things to do.

To begin with while we could take advantage of our rented car, we did need to commence our providoring, stocking up on the sorts of things that may be difficult to come by during our summer cruising when we may be further away from supermarkets.  Despite the contents of the boat beginning to resemble something akin to a floating tip, we struck out for the supermarkets in Luneville.

For one of us, this activity appears to be something approaching actual fun, the other is yet to discover any pleasure at all in walking up and down endless aisles imploring me to "like" them on facebook.  I confess I do have complete admiration for the other's ability to meander for hours amid the shelves, reading labels and squeezing rhubarb until at some completely random time in the process the shopping is declared "complete".

But "complete" is code for "let's go to the supermarket across the road now..." so we do that and repeat the process.

When we return to the boat and unpack it all a miracle unfolds: the trolleys full of unrelated items transforms into "food for a month".

That I do "like".

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Julie said...

A supermarket with such ambience ... to die for!

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