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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Feeling Sorry.

I suppose I could have described our state of being this morning as "trapped".

Trapped by a complete lack of desire to get out of bed and to do anything at all.

For a long time we did just that, lying reading, talking, listening to the rain and thinking, but mostly just lying under the two doonas feeling sorry for those who weren't doing exactly what we were.   At some point late in the morning, not long before the afternoon really, we did venture out only to find that no one else actually had, and that if we were making any sound at all that would announce our stirring, it was probably everyone else that was feeling sorry for us.

Therefore, with only ourselves to feel sorry for we made a quick dash through deserted streets for some supplies, before retreating to the warmth of Joel and Cindy's motorhome, for what was to be a long evening accompanied only by the sounds of endless and not to make too fine a point of it, incessant rain.


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pesmwaugh said...

Hmmm, we'd been complaining about the unseasonable weather even in the south of France for the last two months. Then the sun came out on the weekend and it brought the hire boats with it. We got hit by two in one hour! So now we are sitting in port awaiting insurance assessors and repairs. Yay, love the sunshine!
PS: Planning our escape north.

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