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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Tip toe through the tulips

Through sheer happenstance when booking the rental car, I arranged to return it today, not tomorrow or the day after that.   I just sort of stabbed at a date at random and today was the date that bobbed up on my computer screen.

Today would be the day we returned the car, and commenced our voyage.

This turned out to be quite fortuitous really, as tomorrow and the day after that turned out to be public holidays and the chances of being able to return a car on those days were somewhere between slim and non-existent.  To add to this good fortune, Grahame and Aileen arrived yesterday with a car of their own, and a list of things that needed doing in Luneville, which as it happens was exactly where we needed to be to return the car.

After wandering around with them for the latter part of the morning,  we thought perhaps we could delay the start of our cruising year for a bit.   It would have been remiss of us not to join them for lunch, after all, one has to take time to smell the tulips.


1 comment

Annie said...

it is great how life turns out like that sometimes...
love the photo, and the previous one..

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