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Friday, May 24, 2013

Still seriously chilly for summer!

We are getting towards the end of our first week of doing absolutely nothing, and we are still not finished, neither has the river.

The  flood peak has now passed our location and the water is receding beneath us, but all that has happened in terms of our future progress is that the flood has moved downstream, causing disruption in the direction in which we are headed, and there is still no estimate of when the flood gates will once again open to allow navigation downstream.   But our batteries are charged and our water tank has been filled and we are ready to get on with the serious business of waiting some more.

The rain has finally abated a little and we are assured by the flood forecasters that while more is expected, it won't add to the problem as the cold will apparently turn it to snow in the mountains and it won't run down to the river any more.   That assurance may well be all very well in terms of a reduction in river heights, but we are reliably informed that it only snows in the mountains when the temperature around them allows it, and "minus two degrees tonight" is not a measurement we would normally associate with summer.

But for an instant the sun did shine today, and we did dare to walk the length of the village without so much as a raincoat, and we could see more of the lock gates than we could see yesterday, and the flowers are do smell quite nice.


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Joan Elizabeth said...

Patience Pete is is not actually summer yet.

And in Europe don't they change their seasons at the solstice ... you've got nearly a month go to.

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