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Friday, August 02, 2013

Media Circus

This morning, the four Australians who remained in port were supposed to be rent-a-crowd at the cemetery but when we arrived at the appointed place, a pleasing number were already in attendance, which is more than could be said for the television crew.

Completely unperturbed, Claudine demanded our presence at her house for lunch (just something quick and simple she said and by the way we must all go to Ria and Ed's place this evening for dinner(Ria was our guide in yesterday's tour), and arranged to pick us up for both events, but first would we mind terribly talking to a reporter from the local paper?

So somewhat bemused we completed our interview with the reporter, and with Ron and Robin continued on our whirlwind of extraordinary and wonderful social engagements.

It's not just us to be fair, Claudine confesses a penchant for hunting down the occupants of Australian boats.  If every Tourist office in the world had a Claudine, world peace would surely quickly follow.

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