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Monday, August 19, 2013

Dr Duncan

We've been talking about having Mr Perkins "seen to" for quite some time now, and really it was time to do our business or as they say, get off the pot, so we had arranged for a house call from Dr Duncan, who appeared exactly at the appointed hour, prodded, shook his head meaningfully and suggested that it would be more appropriate if we dropped Mr P down to his surgery a couple of locks downstream for more tests in the morning.

That threw a bit of a spanner into our plans it must be said, although to be accurate, the reason for popping down to the workshop was that is where Duncan keeps his spanners and testing gear, but we were expecting Leslie and Ethan to arrive in the afternoon and we definitely had to be back by the morrow when May and Graham and Jill were due.  After all that is why we came to Toul in the first place.

But there was no need to fret.

The Kings Beach Americans arrived in time for us to arrange for them to walk down the tow path to pay us a visit in the evening, and the little jaunt, once we passed the nasty person bridge that seemed to be waiting to swallow us whole, was actually very pleasant.

As indeed was the evening

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