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Thursday, August 22, 2013

If you can find a space
Toul to Liverdun

We had had a plan originally, that we would take Graham, Jill and May on a little excursion through a completely different part of France, one where access to shops and transport would be limited.  With that in mind, Graham arranged at the outset to arrive by car, and things were tickety-boo.

That of course was before things stopped being tickety-boo on the waterway we had planned to visit, and so it came to be that we had a new plan, and a car that was somewhat surplus to requirements for a day or two, so the two blokes in our company took it upon themselves to deliver it to a nice safe spot near our new destination in Nancy to await our arrival.  All went well until after we had actually parked in the Port Carpark, and announced our arrival to our friendly Port Capitaine.

We were told quite firmly that it was alright to park where we were parked for a few days providing we could find a place to park.   No matter how many times we repeated our question, even pointing to the car, the answer remained the same, and each time it was repeated there was clearly a growing level of frustration with our stupidity.   How did we think we could we stay if we couldn't find a place?

Eventually, we concluded that if we found a place to park in the exact spot our stationary car currently occupied, we would probably be OK, so thanked the gentleman for his assistance and quietly tip-toed from the carpark, running to the bus stop without looking back.

For the whole of our gentle cruise down river to Liverdun that afternoon we struggled to find where our question, or its interpretation had failed.  Had the conversation been in a language other than English, perhaps we could have invented a reason.

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