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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Degrees of separation

So here we were in Toul on a bright sunny day with a ship-load of washing to do and Jacques and Maggie coming for the night.  We really should have been provisioning and cleaning and sorting things out, but we had heard that Nick and Diana were in Nancy and it might be another few years before our paths cross again so we did the only sensible thing under the circumstances, and took the early train to Nancy, leaving the washing to sort itself out, which it has a habit of doing.

Nick and Diana as it turns out were travelling in company for a few days with Leslie and Ethan, friends of theirs ostensibly from the US, but in reality for five months of the year they live at Kings Beach, less than a kilometre from the place we call home when we are not calling this place home.

After a morning discussing everything from rope to the best place to buy bread in Shelly Beach, it probably goes without saying that we had barely enough time for a second cup of coffee before we were on the bus for the return journey, a journey which gave us plenty of time to once again contemplate the the surreality of life in a port five hundred kilometres from the ocean.

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