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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

There be Dragons!

After delivering his unsurprising diagnosis, Dr Duncan left us to wend our merry way home quite early in the morning, agreeing to see us in a month or so when we in turn would have Mr Perkins ready for surgery.   I know how he felt, our Mr P, as he valiantly pretended there was nothing wrong, chugging away uphill with a steady beat.

Steady is not how anyone could describe the beat of the drum that would have shattered our afternoon tranquility had we found it by the time it began.  The distinct sound of a solitary percussion instrument being belted with a stick clattered its way across the water, and then did it again.

And again.

Usually one associates drum beats with a rhythm of some kind, but there was none discernible from this instrument.

On inspection, quite unbelievably the drummer was seated in nothing less than a full sized dragon boat that had appeared from nowhere, perhaps landed from outer space, and which was moving at an indifferent pace, but moving none the less.   The object of the drummer appeared to be attempting valiantly but unsuccessfully to give everyone in the boat a turn at being in time with it, as the boat was rather inexpertly propelled from the lock.  The important thing though was that every one of its occupants was having as much fun doing, as we were watching, perhaps more.

They'd just come down a lock for crying out loud, and managed to get out of it alive, and there were still hours till sunset to enable them to get to the next one, and even if they didn't make it, the water here is crystal clear so their bodies would be easy to recover.

Fortunately for the future of French Dragon Boat racing, they didn't attempt the dangerous washing machine ride back up the locks, but after a few hours paddling haphazardly down the Moselle were returned by bus and trailer with nought but thoughts of future victories in their heads.

I wonder what Mr Perkins was thinking?

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