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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Pierced Stone
Savoyeux to Scey-sur-Saone

As we have done on two other occasions at so many places along this river, we haven't actually had the opportunity for one reason or another of heading along the river embranchment to Traves.   On this particular day we made it a hat-trick of finding excuses not to go there by boat, the river is shallow there and to do so would after all, mean back tracking for a few hours.

But we seemed to be drawn there, either by the mystical qualities of the pierced stone for which the village is quite famous or perhaps by the perfect weather for having a long cycle ride through the country.

The stone, or 'stones' as it is referred to although we only found one has an unknown origin.  Said to have been made thousands of years ago, perhaps as some sort of mysterious religious offering, none of our research to date is able to cast any light on the reason for it being.

After a delightful ride in the countryside it is fair to say that the solitary edifice we found in the middle of a cow pasture had not the slightest bit of mystery or mysticism in it.   To us at least it seemed to be underwhelmingly free of psychic energy.

We pondered it for a bit, and decided that on balance, It's probably just an early wagon wheel that went flat and was abandoned by a frustrated bullocky.

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