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Friday, August 09, 2013

Seasonal Change
Selles to Fontenoy le Chateau

We may still be experiencing summer weather during the day, but there are very real signs that a change of season is just around the corner.

To begin, the chill in the morning air is a dead giveaway, and the fog that remains with us till almost nine is another clue.  Another hint that some other kind of weather is on the way is the number of people in the villages who are readying themselves for a long season indoors.  I suspect the reward for many summer afternoons spent splitting firewood is a similar number of winter afternoons spent in front of a fire.

If that wasn't enough to convince us we are starting to run into boats that are making their way to their wintering grounds.  Our first reaction to that is that it seems to be terribly early but then we realise that we are indeed doing the same thing; heading towards home.

For reasons which are hard to explain, we are constantly occupied, whether by cycling to nearby villages to run small errands or by what seems to be an endless stream of friends who happen to be passing at the same time.   It's difficult to find the time to do even routine things, like update this blog.

To those among you who have written concerned that all is not well, never fear it certainly is and the notes are safely stored outside like next month's firewood, ready to be brought indoors and put to good use once the weather changes!


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