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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some leave, some arrive

On other days when people are due to arrive for an extended visit, we have been known to panic ever so slightly.  For reasons that cannot be explained some sort of calm descended on us and we figured that if anything remained undone by the time the three of them arrived, we'd just have three more people to help finish whatever it was.

With that thought humming happily in the backs of our heads, we hitched a lift with Ethan and Leslie as they headed down the canal, after all we hadn't been on a moving boat since yesterday morning, so needed a fix.

After a couple of locks and a few bridges we bade them farewell, promising to catch up with them when next we were both on the same side of the ocean and walked happily along the tow path, recharged  and ready to procrastinate our way through whatever remained of the day.

Despite, or perhaps because of our laid back start to the day, we seemed to be in perfect shape by the time the three musketeers arrived, so much so that we, all five spent the afternoon just as amiably as the morning, variously wandering the cobbles of the village or testing the skills of its bakers and coffee makers.

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