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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Welcome to Gray

"I'm Claudine from the tourist office", said the lady whose reputation had preceded her, while snapping photos of us and our boats for Facebook and in the interests apparently, of regional tourism.

We should not have been surprised therefore when she asked ever so nicely if we wouldn't mind coming for a tour of the cemetery tomorrow "just to make up the numbers in case no one else comes".  She had arranged a television crew to attend the tour but was unsure of how well patronised it would be and it would be very nice if they could find some tourists from the other side of the world when they arrived.    Of course she thought it would be nicer still if we could understand some of the commentary, or reply if the reporters asked any questions but after considering that for a moment, she  decided that we could cross that bridge when we came to it.

But before that the eight Antipodeans had an appointment with Ria today, our English speaking guide, a volunteer who had picked up the keys to allow her to take us through a few of the prominent buildings; the theatre, the citadel and so on.   It was an extraordinary tour (of course), with Ria's enthusiasm for the town obvious.

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