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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Convention
Mantoche to Gray

Every Tuesday during the months of July and August the Tourist Information Office in Gray organises a guided walking tour of the city's historical sites followed by a tasting of a large sample of the many products produced in the region.

That of course stands to reason, because today is Wednesday which by my calculations means that Tuesday and all of city walking and food sampling happened approximately yesterday.

Last year when we travelled through it, Gray was to put it mildly, grey except in the Tourist Information Office, which coloured our impression to such an extent that we vowed to return.  Earlier this year it was grey also, but with a very large dash of water,  and our return was foiled at that time too.

Today when we told the young lady behind the counter our tale of woe, she sparkled and replied: "You must be from the boat 'Joyeux'!"  Our reputation precedes us it would seem, or at least emails from conspiring friends do.  She told us there could be no food, but none the less if we would like ti she would arrange an English speaking guide to take us on our own tour tomorrow if we liked.

Ron and Robin would be here by then, and Mike and June had breezed into harbour as well and we had checked that it was OK to bring some Kiwis as well, so with tomorrow taken care of we only had to decide under which of Karen and Adrian's umbrella we take refuge from the heat.

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