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Sunday, July 07, 2013

When the planets fail to align
Besançon to Deluz

We could have spent a week in Besançon just walking the streets, climbing the parapets of the citadel and visiting its museums, and perhaps one day we will, but for now a massive change in our planning for the rest of the year is underway.

We are a bit more than two thirds of the way around a loop which will (or was supposed to) take us back to our home port of Lagarde.   Today we received news that the ship lift at Arzviller, a delightful piece of engineering which takes boats in a giant bathtub from the bottom of the hill to the top, and vice versa has had a significant malfunction.

"Significant malfunction" in this case is loosely translates as :"the canal has no water in it for thirty of the last fifty kilometres we have to travel this year" and it may take many months to repair.   "Many months" translates loosely to "many months", and since we have only "several months" left in our time here this year, perhaps it would be wise to retrace our steps rather than continue.

So we shall, but since our minds were are on making Montbeliard before we do that, we struck out undeterred this afternoon in that general direction.


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