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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Snail's Pace

I spent some time watching snails today.  Like us they tend to travel slowly, eat quite a lot, and they stop often.  

After averaging something in the order of five kilometres per day for the past three days, we thought it would be prudent to stop for a rest.  

The lack of sunshine combined with constant drizzle afforded a splendid opportunity for us to catch up on all the maintenance tasks that seem to be decorating an ever growing list but after a quick discussion we came to our senses and tucked the list somewhere out of sight.

It wouldn't be a lay day after all, if we spent it in constructive endeavour.  

It's not as though we were unoccupied; there is a new catch on the entry door for instance, fabricated by hand entirely from scraps found in jars and boxes in the bilges, and Robin's jeans are now miraculously at a satisfactory length, but it cannot be denied that there was also a good deal of laying about as well.

Tomorrow we shall no doubt continue our relentless progress upstream!

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