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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Having Fun
Lamarche-sur-Saône to Mantoche

Sometimes we pinch ourselves when we think about what we are doing, to make sure that we are not dreaming, to remind ourselves any dream is achievable if there is a will.

Every now and then, someone will burble past to demonstrate that with almost no budget, just a little ingenuity and an outboard motor, anyone can cruise the canals.   Last year it was an elderly German travelling in a barely two metre rubber duck with camping gear who captured our imagination.

This year, a small Swiss family motored past in what amounted to a two man tent on a few packing cases powered by an outboard.  Being Swiss they had all of the necessary safety equipment on board of course, and were well equipped for all conditions they were likely to encounter, even drought I suspect. They would never be without a conversations starter we thought.

Just after they passed we were waiting in a lock chatting about all that, just quietly between ourselves while a small boat settled itself in behind, discussing the probability that it's occupants would have to work for their conversation as we do, when we heard a shout from behind:  "Jo!  Peter!"

How on earth, out of all the locks in France, did Karen and Adrian choose to be in the one we occupied at the same time?

There goes our tranquility for the rest of this week!

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