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Monday, July 01, 2013

That's better!
Dole to Rochefort-sur-Nenon

Still exhausted from our three kilometres of travel yesterday, we decided to push our luck and try for seven today.

We made it too, mooring where Jan and Toby had suggested, just above the weir on the river, in the shade of the cliffs, fortunately just in time for lunch where they suggested as well, at another cafe where four courses and coffee was to set us back eleven Euros each.

We had intended to explore the district at some length after lunch, but we had eaten quite a bit and the day was quite warm and the shade quite deep and cool with the constant sound of the rapids beyond.  When we thought about it, the prospect of lying on the grass beside the boat, book in hand seemed like such a sensible option that thoughts of exploratory walks were postponed till some distant future time.

Life after all is about more than rainy days and smokey engines.

We think we would like to do this when we retire!

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