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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Riga to Paris

I know that dessert and desert are different, but to be blunt I'm struggling to find a photograph!  I can't recall another time in recent years when I have held my camera so little in an entire week, such was the quality of the company and the food for that matter, constantly distracting me from the job in hand.  There has been just too much to do in too little time, too many decisions to make, such as which dessert to choose; ahh to heck with it, we'll have both thanks very much.

Desserts aside though, this morning it was Jill and Graeme and May who were up with the birds, deserting us, heading for England while the rest of the house remained in repose, gathering strength perhaps, or just being lazy before it was our time to do the same.

The week is at end and we are being scattered by the winds.  I know that earlier I described us as  "an eclectic bunch" but sometimes we struggle with our little Sunshine Coast mono-cultural brains to come to terms with just how eclectic.  Tomorrow, the above mentioned will be in London, Erica and Christian are already in St Petersburg, we will be in Paris, Güdu and Judith will be cuddling somewhere in the Swiss Alps, Mark will be in Warsaw, Johanna and Isabelle will be in Estonia, Mert back in Turkey and Steve will be counting down the days till he returns to Melbourne.

Our host who remain in Latvia at least for a while will I suspect have some tidying to do, or perhaps they are already planning our next eight year reunion!


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