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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Twenty minutes in St Jean
Choissey to St Jean de Losne

I am not sure that it's ironic or quite what it is that given the variables that have brought us back to St Jean de Losne it is almost exactly a year since we were here, ready for the long haul north, hoping that there would be no break in the system to thwart our plans.

This year there are breaks all over the place.  The floods that closed everything earlier have given way to drought now, water shortages making navigation slow on some of our route, uncertain even.   But there is rain coming tomorrow, but we'd be on our way by then we thought.

Twenty minutes is all it would take in St Jean we thought, to refill our fuel tanks and buy a couple of parts at the chandlery.  No need to stay we thought, best to be on our way before the storms arrive.

But we ran into Mike and Robin as we went about our business, and catching up takes time, and the wind was starting to increase to uncomfortable levels and the nice people who had allowed us to moor beside them in what had been Ken and Rhonda's barge were happy for us to stay, encouraging even, so the night wore on and twenty minutes became longer.

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