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Monday, July 29, 2013

Cruising Again
St Jean de Losne to Lamarche-sur-Saône

After a few weeks of frantic(ish) dashing down the Doubs, we are back in cruising mode, which is code for we didn't really have to leave in the drizzle, but as the others departed the sparkle seemed to mysteriously wash off St Jean for the time being at least so we began our journey north ironically into even more canal use restrictions, this time due to water shortages.

Coincidentally it is almost exactly a year since we last followed this route, and it will be interesting I think, to compare our notes along the way from then.

There is an ease or even a confidence perhaps about the way we go about our travels now perhaps even more than just a year ago. Familiarity has no doubt diminished our sense of discovery a little as we revisit places, but I wonder if as we are starting to take things in our stride whether we have begun to overlook some of the small details that a year or two again would have provided a source of endless fascination, or whether we we still seeing things as we did then?

Perhaps it is that communication is easier, or that even though we are travelling alone we are rarely without company with whom to share our day's adventures

We think we are travelling alone again, but as if to show that we never are, this evening we shared those very thoughts over snacks with a family from Switzerland who stopped behind us.


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