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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Destination
Colombier-Châtelot to Montbeliard

With two days left in our schedule to get to Montbeliard and make the necessary arrangements to travel to Paris, we didn't need to rush.  This was just as well because as is usually the case in the cold hard light of dawn, or at least where the dawn would have been had we been awake when it happened we weren't in the mood to do so.

We were however, in the mood to leave quite early to take advantage of the stillness of the morning, perfect in every way except of course that from time to time we still miss the disco-smoke from the once maladjusted Mr Perkins hanging listlessly as it once did at times like this.

So perfect was that morning that there is nothing to report about travelling those few kilometres with a cloudless sky.  We arrived perfectly in time for lunch, enjoyed a lengthy afternoon walk soaking in the colour of Montbeliard, and went to bed tired but happy.

Note:  I am aware that some have noticed a certain lack of posting of late. Thank-you for your enquiries, we are well indeed!   The hiatus has been due to a combination of lack of adequate internet and lack of  adequate sleep due to all those pesky friends in Latvia keeping us awake.  As has been the case previously in times like this, the next few days will reveal all!

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