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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A day at the beach
Jurmala - Somewhere on the Baltic Coast

Well we'd done the history thing, so what better way of filling in a day we thought, than driving a hundred kilometres or so for a day at the beach.   If I'd been a better student of Latvian tourism, I would have taken more photographs and remembered the name of the actual beach, but there was far too much relaxing to do.

The sea of course was the Baltic, filled with a brownish almost fresh water, the beach wide and sandy, the lifesaving tower and the beach signs (active recreation this way, passive recreation the other) were absolute reminders of the times when Party members were treated to vacations here if they had performed their duties properly.  One doesn't bear to contemplate the vacations of those who didn't,  but in the present day the restaurant and food for lunch were straight from next year's "Modern Architecture" and "Gastronome" magazines respectfully.

The Global Financial Crisis may well have hit the former Soviet countries when they were down, but they are clearly resolute in their efforts to get back on their feet and go dancing again!

It may have been the sun, or the water for those desperate enough to swim, or the long drive, or the long lunch, but there was a distinct air of drowsiness in the van as we bounced our way home.

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