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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lunch again
St Jean de Losne

Those fringed parasols that have been springing up out of balconies all over the place have finally met their match.

While the drought may not have broken, there was sufficient wind and rain overnight to ensure that few of them will have survived.  We have, however but decided that since we'd already overstayed the twenty minutes we had planned, that there would be little point in heading into the bleak just for the sake of it.  Besides they in the boat in front of us and in the barge behind as well looked as though they could do with a good feed.


So instead of cruising into the wind and rain we remained snug indoors all day catching up variously on tales from America or the UK, and generally agreeing that we weren't particularly looking forward to the rain stopping and the thought of moving on.


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