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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A monument to procrastination -

Seven years ago when passing under the bridge in Decise, we laughed out loud when we saw the colour sample patch on it.   There were no fewer than twenty-six not dissimilar colours and tones neatly set out for someone to assess and make a decision.  

We concluded at the time that it could only have been done in an effort to thwart the decision making process, that someone simply didn’t want to paint the bridge.  Instead of selecting one or two colours for approval, a sure fire way of getting a decision, some bright spark had prepared the panels with a dizzy array of alternatives and told the committee responsible for the making the decision that he’d be at home and would be ready to start the minute they called with the chosen colour.

Yesterday, co-incidentally armed with a list of things to do a mile long, we found it again.   If the bridge had been painted in the intervening period, it would have been need of doing again, but it hadn’t, so it didn’t, so everyone it seems has had a win.   

Some of the samples had faded a little, but mostly they were in all their glory, and the painter was no doubt still happily lounging around somewhere beside a telephone, an icon of procrastination.

We are moored alongside a collection of supermarkets and hardware stores, and are going to stay until after tomorrow, which, inspired by the success of the bridge painters, seems like the perfect time to put off what we have to do until.

Tomorrow, we will probably get the groceries and the hardware bits we need, and some fuel,  and clean and wash a bit perhaps, but in the meantime we’ll just poke around the town centre for a bit, or perhaps we'll just stay at home quietly waiting for the committee to call.

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