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Monday, May 04, 2015

Keep them doggies rolling -
Santenay to Montchanin

We didn’t really know we would end up in Montchanin when the day began.  We had barely  heard of the place, yet here we are.

We uncharacteristically set out to find somewhere we could easily be found, without knowing quite where that would be. Milly is on her way you see, and we thought that since she is not yet two, it would be nice if we were somewhere easy to find, and from where we could go to somewhere easy to leave, perhaps with some secure car parking for her chauffeur and carer as well.

That was all a bit of a challenge, and for reasons that are not particularly clear, we asked ourselves what Sunny and Al would have done in that situation.  Immediately we knew what we had to do.

We'd just keep going!  Having just settled so comfortably into cruising mode,  it’s hard to describe how taxing switching back to commuting seemed to be, but we did our best.

Hanging on to the cruising ethos for as long as possible, we deliberately arrived at the first lock fifteen minutes after opening time, and stopped for lunch too, this time making sure that the lock-keepers knew where we were.  As a further concession we barely moved faster than six kilometres per hour as we charged on through the view.  Through vineyards, their new trellises shimmering like gossamer in the morning sunny patches, villages both kempt and un-so, we burbled.   The ever changing view easily making up for the disruption in progress by what seemed like an endless procession of locks but in the end turned out to be barely two dozen.

Now once again we are alone, with only the noise of intersecting freeways to lull us to sleep, waiting for Milly. 

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