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Friday, May 08, 2015

Milly says goodbye -

We weren’t really thinking too much about today being a public holiday when we retired early this morning, having failed entirely to solve the world’s problems, or even those related to a small garage extension in Atherton if one were to get really picky.  

We were aware of it of course, the holiday, but couldn’t foresee that the disco-bar that is located a handy fifty metres from the boat would be having a pre-holiday celebration, nor that by three or four they would feel the need to share their thumping disco goodness with the world at large.

We hadn’t thought about the jumble sale in the carpark between us and it either, nor that perhaps a black Mercedes parked in the midst of it would be a little inconvenient for the stall holders and for the hirers of said Mercedes should they wish to leave for other parts any time soon.  

Thankfully, with her usual morning cheerfulness, Milly managed to coach us all through our combination of too little sleep, packing chaos and extracting the car from the midst of the jumble sale, and even had her parents packed and in the car in what was given the circumstances an extraordinarily timely manner.

The effort took its toll though.  They had not been gone ten minutes when the text message arrived: “Milly is asleep already with her balloon firmly in her grasp”.

Even without a balloon we didn’t take much longer to follow her cue.


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