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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Getting ahead of ourselves - -
to Roanne by bus

Sitting happily in the afterglow of our day, watching the setting sun light the trees along the canal behind us, we suddenly realised we were four days ahead of ourselves.

We considered turning left in a day or so and heading to Roanne, where several of our friends winter their boats.   Other than to simply poke around we didn’t have a compelling reason to stay, and the return trip back to our intended route would involve four or even five days of detour, days which could otherwise be spent far less productively, so we decided to look for alternative transportation options.

Fortunately, the nice people who own the buses and the trains, had a solution.  For not much more than the cost of a can of cold fizzy drink each, a bus which would deliver us in air conditioned comfort, in less than forty minutes.   It is important to note the “air conditioned comfort” part of that description, because the temperature soared today into the mid-thirties.   

We had intended to wander the streets for much of the day, but it was a bit warm, and it seemed like a far better idea to spend time indoors, over lunch with Doug and Susan, and limit our walking to a cursory catch up with all the others we knew in the harbour.   Sure, there’s a lot to see in Roanne, and we didn’t see any of it, but it will just have to wait.

I wonder if, when we arrive at the canal junction the day after tomorrow, or perhaps the one after that, we will be able to resist the urge to turn. 


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