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Friday, May 15, 2015

A very long weekend -

A cake for every occasion the sign said, and if a toffee encrusted profiterole cathedral with white chocolate steps is an example of a cake to celebrate one’s “confirmation”, I’d have to give serious consideration to turning Catholic!

 it’s beyond imagination what could turn up for a special occasion such as for instance morning coffee tomorrow, but we are not going to find out, the shop is closed for a week you see.

Yesterday was a public holiday (Assumption Day), so a lot of businesses quite sensibly saw little point in opening today for the half day that is usual for Friday,  nor for the rest of the weekend, nor for that matter in opening for any of next week if they are only going to have to close again the following Monday, which is another public holiday.

Therefore the town had a sort of lazy Saturday afternoon feeling about it as we wandered around.  Even the downtown supermarket is closed “for renovations” until Tuesday week.

We did manage to find the big on-the-skirts-of-town supermarket though, where we scraped together enough essentials to get us through at least a few months of famine should it strike, but mostly they were green things that need chopping and cooking and sadly there wasn't a profiterole in sight.

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