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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Change -
Paray-les-Monial to Digoin

Once again that little switch in our brains did its thing and we were compelled to move on.  

We had no reason to do so.  There are a host of activities and markets planned over the next few days in Paray-les-Monial, and last night we had almost decided to hang around just a bit longer.  When this morning arrived, the forecast for the next few days was indifferent to say the least, and for reasons which are entirely beyond our control, we simply left town.

I am as yet to find a way of explaining the joy that we derive from quietly leaving what was until the time of departure, a perfectly enjoyable location, in search of of a no doubt equally enjoyable spot somewhere else.  There is just something about casting off and moving ever so slowly away that generates a satisfying, deeply seated thrill.  Someone clever could track it back to something that happened earlier in our lives no doubt, or perhaps it’s some sort of affirmation of the freedom that we enjoy.  

Whatever the reason, a few hours later we were in Digoin, once again content for the time being at least, watching the change in the weather engulf us and the thermometer plunging.

Tomorrow we will see what there is to see, and if we really want to visit the Accordian Festival in Paray, we are content in the knowledge that we can be there in twenty minutes on our bikes.

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