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Monday, May 25, 2015

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse -
Cercy-la-Tour to Panneçot

Tonight we are sitting alone in the little port at the camping ground at Panneçot. Since lunchtime when we bade the lock keeper our farewells we have not seen nor heard another living thing. 

The closest thing we have to remind us that people were once here is the little house across the lake, although there are a couple of empty caravans and some hire canoes locked up under the trees. 

The sign on the cafe says they will be back later this month perhaps, but this is a public holiday and we didn't really expect the place to be completely deserted.  There isn't even anyone to collect the trifling fee for mooring here, yet the electricity works and internet is provided.  It's as though the place has been abandoned. We even checked the maps several times to make sure we haven’t taken a wrong turning and ended up in Chernobyl.

One can only delight in the solitude and wonder whether it's the night before Christmas.

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