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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dusting off the bikes. -
Garnat-sur-Engièvre to Vanneaux

Gannay-sur-Loire is a sort of sleepy little village which has been around long enough to have trees in the main street that were planted by a mate of Henry IV in 1594.  

The bakery there is not two kilometres from the canal, so it wasn't too difficult to conclude that by the time we’d hauled the bikes out from their spot (one minute), unfolded them (thirty seconds) and pumped up the tyres (two minutes) we could probably walk there and back, and we could save the effort of packing them away again on our return into the bargain, saving perhaps another three precious minutes in our terribly packed schedule, and we'd be able to amble back sightseeing and picking at our goodies on the way home.

There was a small flaw in our logic however that was not to reveal itself until we actually arrived at the bakery exactly in time to witness the very last crumbs of the morning’s batch walk out of the door in the arms of a road worker.   Everyone of course was surprised and voiced their regret, but none seemed more surprised nor regretful than ourselves. 

It’s interesting to note how much shorter the walk back to the boat seems when one is carrying a warm fresh baguette and a little box of bakery surprise than when one isn’t. 

Perhaps it's time to dust off the bikes.  


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