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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Cleaning --

Suddenly it’s been a month since we moved aboard.  

We aren’t quite sure how that happened nor how it is that so many little jobs have thus far managed managed to escape the attention of our otherwise industrious selves, but they have and we woke at a very civilised hour determined to do something about them before Jack, Brii and Milly arrived.

The nature of little jobs is that they seem to expand to fill out whatever time is left to do them, and so it was that despite a constant flurry of scrubbing, folding and mould finding, each time the phone signalled another message advising of a further hour’s delay in the expected arrival time, we were still an hour and ten minutes away from being ready.

When eventually they arrived, we’d all had enough, they of travelling, and we of preparing, so we wandered off in search of a playground to let Milly stretch her legs, and where we could engage in the sort of conversation that people engage in when they haven’t seen each other for a time.

It was time to stop and smell the .. err.. little white flowers growing in the grass.

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