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Monday, July 06, 2015

Alright, just a small case then! -
Damery to Epernay

It’s still warm, but we aren’t complaining about it quite as much now, getting on with playing the cards we’ve been dealt with a stiff upper lip and all that.   Of course when the cards one has been dealt say “Villages of the Champagne Region”, the game is not a difficult one to play.

Besides, the sultry conditions bring promise of a change, and it is often written that that is as good as a holiday.  

Speaking of holidays, the good Captain decided that we should find “something for the girls to drink” to take with us on our little road trip in a week or two, and there are “houses” in Damery that sell only the local product.  There are “houses” in Epernay too of course, world famous top-shelf ones too, but in just case they were running low on stock with their new-today world heritage listing, it was decided that one of us needed to sample, then purchase some local stock.   It was also decided that it would be far easier on the other of us to carry it back to the boat if we asked for a nice box, and since it might be awkward if loose bottles were rolling around in a cardboard box, perhaps it would be just as well to fill it.

Cleverly, we cast off within a few minutes of our return to the boat, before one of us could make the space to store another case.

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