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Saturday, July 11, 2015

How many tea candles make a bonfire? -
Pagny-sur-Sauix to Revigny

Cautiously we moved onwards today, our little fleet broken into two lock-sized parts.  Once again we timed our day so that we would finish somewhere behind the now several commercial vessels ahead.

Again without coincidence we found ourselves sitting for much of the afternoon in the shade of a tree at journey’s end, in the evening warming ourselves by the heat of a tea-candle bonfire, all the while marvelling at the good fortune which had brought us all together.  

Not for the first time, with the world’s problems solved, we found ourselves expressing our gratitude for the cards that life had dealt us, although I suspect we were not the only ones wishing, long after midnight, that someone else would go to bed!

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Joan Elizabeth said...

Hey it is time you moved on from the seance … I want to know what you are up to now … we are freeeeezing here.

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