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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Upwards then onwards -
Chateau-Thierry to Dormans

We’d been promised a farmer’s market this morning, and while we weren’t particularly in need of provisioning it gave us a bit of impetus to at least get out and about and explore every little nook and most of the crannies of the town before the world’s thermostat reached it’s “unpleasant” setting again.  

It possibly goes without saying that when we got there the market was yesterday, our informant was mistaken on that score, so it’s just as well we didn’t have a cow to sell.  We did have the benefit of not having to walk back to the boat laden with potatoes that we probably didn’t need till next week anyway

The absence of a market also gave us plenty of time to scale the lofty heights of the ruins of the ancient chateau where we could get a glimpse of the day ahead.  From the very top we could see over the hills and far away of course, but even far away it was clear to us that the heat was building again, so once again we made the decision to move on.

We have a very big card on the Marne now, with lots of places marked “must stay longer next time”, but really the only way to deal with that haze is to continue slicing through it.

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