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Friday, July 17, 2015

Mixed Emotions -
Pagny-sur-Meuse to Toul

We were all six of us experiencing some sort of emotion that verged on sadness but wasn’t quite, at the prospect of spending our last day travelling together, so we decided to prolong it as best we could by not departing before the locks were open for business.   In fact, despite a little discomfort being felt by some of our companions, we waited until all of the other boats had left the mooring.    

Then we had a cup of coffee, savouring each others’ company, before setting off together one last time down the  gloriously wild blue waterway yonder.  In retrospect there had been no need to make excuses, as when the time finally came to get underway, “Ele” refused to do so.

Mr Perkins, bless him, despite his filthy habits has continued to amaze all with his smoothness and dare we say it, smoke-free running.   Never the less he has provided us with the experience to find many faults, so armed with a few years’ experience in keeping his good self ticking over, and a few by now well-worn but beginning-to-go-rusty tools, it didn’t take too long to have us all underway again. 

It was interesting to witness in others the uncertainty which we have felt only too well during those few moments it took to find the problem.  As we have noted many times in the past though, being broken down for a time in the wilds of France would not be the worst thing that could happen in one’s life.

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