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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

We get so confused! -
Naix-aux-Forges to Sauvoy

It may be something in the water that is the cause, and even though we don’t drink it, it seems that the particular stretch of canal we travelled today seems to bring out some sort of mental conniption in those with whom we are travelling.  The water is so clear, so tantalising that it often feels completely invisible, no doubt it casts some sort of spell on one as one travels above it.  It seems like only yesterday that as we passed these very trees debate was waged with our dear Canadian friends about the horticultural origins of the crop pictured. It’s obvious now that it’s colza or rapeseed, dry and ready for harvest but in full flower it’s understandable that it could be mistaken for something else one imagines.

But this is about today, not then, and today it was Ele’s turn.  As she opened her mouth to speak to some tourists from her homeland who were watching the proceedings at a lock, the words came out in French.  Embarrassed, she apologised in English, exclaiming that she’d forgotten how to speak her own language!

We of course have been marvelling at her ability to maintain sufficient concentration over the past week, to seemingly switch between languages so effortlessly.  Today though the effort took it’s toll.

A few minutes after her confusion, she turned to converse with the after-crew on the good ship “Joyeux” as has been their custom for the past sixty locks or so, and found herself speaking albeit accidentally, once again in German,   “It’s come back!” she exclaimed, at once surprised and relieved.

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