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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Trial Separation -
Sauvoy to Pagny-sur-Meuse (and lunch in Void)

Some would say that we have been moving uncharacteristically quickly of late, “like a bunch of Germans on holiday” they may add, an expression that only those who have experienced being overtaken on a canal by someone trying to fit four months worth of travel into a few weeks annual leave would understand.   To the extent that we haven’t actually stayed put for a time of late that criticism would be fair, but there are some mitigating circumstances.

The heat for instance is still as unrelenting as our companions, but let it also be said that we have left our own little mark on them as well, by slowing our daily progress, scuttling from one shady spot to the next.  Today for instance our log shows that we were moving for two hours, covering almost nine kilometres in the process, although it doesn’t actually set out the reason that we were stationary for six hours in the middle of the day, which if one thinks about it is exactly the length of time it takes to enjoy a splendid lunch.  

While the rest of our contingent raced ahead to reserve a shady spot for us, we languished in Void with Paul and Carla, who had driven from Holland and rented a room nearby in order to ensure they didn’t miss us as we passed. Under the shade of the great awning of Restaurant Cugnot we celebrated and reminisced the afternoon away.   They rejoined us later in the evening too, and we sat at first in the shade of a tree and then of the earth itself, quietly talking the night away as well and we could have talked more we are sure but that will have to wait until the next time our paths cross.

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