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Monday, July 20, 2015

Duncan pulls things apart -

While the redoubtable Mr P has been in fine form all year, the small matter of ugly deposits left in his under-tray has yet to be addressed, so off we went to Dr Duncan where things were dismantled and inspected and turned over and the undersides inspected as well.  Perhaps in a day or two all would be perfectly well, and our spanners could be put away to continue rusting away, perhaps one day to return to life as a piece of garden ornament.

One of the things we really look forward to in Toul is to see how the city decorates itself for summer.  The inner city has just two small pieces of green, three if one counts the bit near the main gate to town, and each year a new and wondrous theme emerges to entertain all during the summer months.

This year, a fine collection of bird-like creatures stalk the gardens, each one constructed in a way that was no doubt deliberately designed to bring down a cloak of summer guilt on all who view them.  Surely no one could view them without being reminded of at least one object rendered useless by age or damage and “stored” in a box in the bowels of one’s bilges “in case” they may prove useful during some future calamity.  Perhaps when a few other things are done, we’ll sort ours out.

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